Home Security Checklist

  1. Keep the shrubbery around your house trimmed. If the bushes and hedges are overgrown and tall, it provides the criminals with a perfect hiding place. You could even consider replacing them with thorny bushes or plants that deter people from walking through them. Also trim back trees so no one can climb the limbs into second floor windows/doors.

  2. Keep the exterior of your home well-lit. Burglars prefer to work in the dark so they cannot be easily seen. Installing motion light sensors helps to keep these unwanted visitors away and also help you to enter your house quicker at night rather than fumbling for your keys in the dark.

  3. Get to know your neighbors. People are more likely to look out for their friends. Neighborhood watch programs are excellent at deterring crime. If your neighborhood doesn’t have one, consider starting a program in your community.

  4. Make it seem like there is someone home at all times by using light and sound. Automatic timers and motion detectors can be great tools for people who are on vacation or are otherwise going to be away from their home for an extended period of time.

  5. Rather than hiding an emergency key under your doormat, leave one with a friend or neighbor so it will not be easy for a potential intruder to find.

  6. When you are going on vacation, have someone come over to bring in the mail and newspapers so they do not pile up and alert burglars to your absence.

  7. Make sure you have locks on all your doors and windows.

  8. Invest in a home security system. A home alarm that goes off when someone enters your home uninvited is one of the best ways to scare away intruders.

  9. Keep your garage closed whether you are at home or not. This way, it will not be as obvious to burglars whether or not there is a car inside.

  10. Document and insure your valuables so that they can be tracked and returned more easily if they are stolen

  11. Be diligent about your home security. Do not slack off when it comes to protecting your home and your family. Be consistent and thorough.

  12. Use bars on low level or otherwise easily accessible windows